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Armor plate dwg?

This is where you will find technical specifications, drawings, exploded views, walk around videos, etc.

Armor plate dwg?

Postby drice » Tue Dec 23, 2014 1:32 am

I'm looking for a dwg of the armor plate, or perhaps more appropriately, a dwg for the bulkhead upon which the armor plate is mounted. The shape of that bulkhead is affected drastically by the angled sections at about head height, which are there...I think...because of clearance issues for the sliding canopy...but I'm willing to completely disavow that opinion... :roll:

In any case...I'm at that stage in my Ziroli 1:5.333 Corsair build...and I'd like to make that bulkhead the right shape...and I have no references, nor do I have any decent pictures of it from which I can adequately scale it.

So any help you might have will be appreciated.

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